Soul Journey Home

Finding Your Way Home through the Doorway of your Soul

Welcome to Soul’s Journey Home! The soul journey home is the journey back towards oneself. “Home” is the presence of your Higherself and your conscious contact with Source/Love. Your Higherself is your true self, who you have always been and will be, on the soul level. The Higherself is unlimited, eternal, expanded and unified with all of life. We are here to live an expanded life.

Healing and the power of The Divine infinitely exceed our dreams or imagination, so I invite you to open to this expanded Universe where all things are possible. Ultimate Reality/The Divine has no limits. Trust the gentle awakening to the homecoming of your deepest awareness and compassion for Self, All and Mother Earth.

Receive the gift of your authentic self, perfectly loved, perfectly accepted. My heart accompanies yours home, to abundant self-love, health, healing and wholeness.

In unity and joy,


Opening the Door to Others

Be the Divine to each other. See the Divine in All.

This allows compassion, understanding, differences to exist, and peace.

Recognizing vulnerability is one avenue to awakening to your whole Divine Self. It is time to Wake Up! Treating ourselves with love and dignity raises the vibration for all. Your practice affects my practice. A grid of self-care and self-love expands, so that love shifts the planetary evolution. Be in a loving place and your thoughts, words and actions will flow from love.

We are invited to take our rightful place as high vibrational beings, for love and service to one another. When I am grounded, expanded and connected to The Divine, I help my family be grounded, expanded and connected.

Opening the Door to your Spirit Guides

Get to know your Guides.

This is the path to everyday enlightenment.

The purpose of this work is to know our true identity, to know the gifts of joy and freedom. We awaken so that we can receive any and all gifts for our highest good.   At times our Guides will bring forward an issue during an Energy Touch healing session to bring awareness to our consciousness, to heal that issue.

Our small selves are limited by our ego, which operates on the basis of separation. The absence of fear invites the greatness of The Divine to occupy the space that fear used to occupy. Opening up to Guidance from your Higherself, through quiet meditation and listening, will allow the gift of wholeness into your energy field and consciousness.

Be the Divine to each other. See the Divine in All.